Blitz Build September 2012

Habitat Builders

Bob Krzyzanowski, Dave Carlson, Jay Uthoff, Dale Nimrod: Habitat Volunteers

Building a house from scratch is usually time-consuming and labor intensive. However, a “blitz build” can speed up the process enormously.

Habitat for Humanity has added the phrase “blitz build” into everyday language thanks to its campaigns to put concentrated and coordinated effort into the beginning process for building homes.  Volunteers assemble on a target date and together begin the massive effort of building an affordable home for a family selected by the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate.


Before the Blitz...

Before the Blitz

On September 8, 2012, the Winneshiek County Habitat for Humanity (WCHFH) affiliate organized a blitz build for the new home of Kyle Dahl, Samantha Thiele. and their daughter Madison.  Built on a lot on Division Street in Decorah, the home is expected to be ready for occupancy by the end of the year.

According to Gus Johnson, Executive Director of WCHFH, this blitz build was “the most construction we have accomplished in one day for several years.  It was a great day!”


Unloading lumber...



Dedication of Habitat house...


left to right:  Gus Johnson, Executive Director of WCHFH; Dave Carlson, President of WCHFH; Karen Martin-Schramm, Chair of Luther College Sesquicentennial celebrations; Mike Blair, Luther College Campus Pastor; Rachel Vagts, Luther College liaison to WCHFH


After the Blitz...

House After Blitz

Almost 50 volunteers, many of whom stayed all day, raised and sheathed all the walls and put up the trusses.  The basement had already been constructed and capped, in preparation for the blitz build.

Tuesdays and Saturdays are work days for continuing the construction of the new home.  Sheathing and shingling the roof and construction of the porch roof is next as well as building interior walls.  All volunteers are welcome whether rookie or veteran builders.  They will be directed by experienced Habitat personnel who are familiar with construction procedures and processes.  Tools will be provided where necessary.

After Blitz Backdoor

Many volunteers are Luther College students since the College is a co-sponsor of the house with WCHFH.  This house is being built as the final project associated with the Luther College Sesquicentennial celebration.   Almost $50,000 was raised by the Luther community to assist with building the home.