Board Members...

2019 Board

Pictured (left to right): Jean Wise, Janeen Christy, Allie Ferguson, Pat Downs, Mary Jo Hangartner, Ryan Burras, Samatha Thiele, Doug Van Sloten, Anna Norris, Jeff Schaller, Sara Friedl-Putnam, Dick Guilgot, and Gus Johnson (executive director)

Board members are expected to serve for 3 years but can opt to serve an additional 3 years, if they choose. All Board members serve on one or more of the standing committees of Construction, Family Nurture, Family Selection, Fund Raising, Public Relations, or Site Selection. People wishing to serve on the WCHFH Board may contact any current Board member or the Executive Director to express their interest. Terms typically start in October at the annual meeting but may begin at other times during the year depending on need.

Board meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 am in the conference room in the St. Benedict's Church annex.

2018-19 Executive Committee

President: Mary Jo Hangartner,
Vice President: Jeff Schaller,
Co-Secretaries: Sara Friedl-Putnam,; Samantha Thiele,
Treasurer: Bonnie Arneson,

2018-19 Board Members, with date joined and committee assignment:
Ryan Burras (2018) - Fund-raising
Bonnie Arneson (2019) - Treasurer
Pat Downs (2016) - Public Relations
Allie Ferguson (2018)
Lloyd Fleshner (2018)
Sara Friedl-Putnam (2015) - Co-secretary
Dick Guilgot (2016) – Public Relations
Mary Jo Hangartner (2016) – Family Nurture

Gus Johnson - Executive Director, Construction, Site Selection
Matt Larson (2015 - Family Nurture
Pat Running (2017) - Family Nurture, Family Selection
Jeff Schaller (2014) – Construction
Samantha Thiele (2017) – Co-secretary
Doug Van Sloten (2018) - Fund Raising
Jean Wise (2016) – Family Selection
Luther College representatives: Claire Hamilton, Morgan King